Thursday, 11 October 2012

Nights of Fright: It's Dystopia (Best of Paranormal)

Hello Guys n' Gals!
Thanks for coming back for another Nights of Fright! It's the third day of Best of Paranormal, and next up is It's Dystopia!

Dystopian novels have really climbed their way up the YA ladder. More & More people are reading them, and More & More authors are writing them. The *good ones* consist of phenomenal world building, kick-ass characters and an action packed adventure that is sure to leave you stunned-- and frightened!

Pessimists will like these. Don't they make our future look just so bright? Hah!

I Have so little favorite Dystopias, I know! I'm a fan of historical fiction/ books set in Victorian times, I only just got into Dystopia after reading Blood Red Road, so show me some mercy people! I'm definitely looking forward to reading more Dystopian novels in the future :)

There might be some monsters under your bed after you finish reading some of these novels, but for the most part, they're easily over looked by the action-packed content!

What are YOUR favorite Dystopian books? Let me know & join in on the Nights of Fright Halloween Fun! Make your own Nights of Fright: It's Dystopia post, or review your favorite Dystopian Book and link to your post in the comments or the InLinkz below!



  1. I'm a huge fan of Divergent and a new fan of Across the Universe. I just finished Matched, I was underwhelmed, but still liked it enough to want to read the next book. Maze Runner was pretty cool, and Blood Red Road was also ok - looking forward to the next one in that series :) I think the next dystopian series I try will be Delirium. I almost forgot to mention Hunger Games :) AWESOME series there

  2. I'm a huge fan of dystopians, myself, though lately I haven't been enjoying them quite as much as I used to because their stories can get to be quite redundant if you read enough of them - overruling government who restricts some aspect of life, main character grows up inside this bubble, later comes to realize that life is not good and tries to overthrow said government... they mostly follow that very specific plan. I'm very happy that you have included The Knife of Never Letting Go though - my FAVOURITE book of all time after HP! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Blood Red Road, The Hunger Games, and The Road!! Divergent, Matched, Delirium, and Across the Universe are all great, too.

  3. I've read five of all hte books mentioned, I love dystopians! The Maze Runner wasn't as good as I'd expected, but I still liked it! (: