Friday, 26 October 2012

Nights of Fright: Scariest Childhood Tale [Guest Post]

Hi all! Thanks for coming back for another Nights of Fright!
Today, I shall tell you a tale... a spooky tale....-- well actually, I have Megan from Megan Likes Books here to tell you about HER favorite spooky childhood tale. I'm  sure it'll be better than any story I'd tell you ;)

I love childhood tales. Like the Grimm Fairtytales, or maybe a story that you've heard over some s'mores at a campfire-- they all have a special place in our hearts, and we tend to carry them with us as we grow. No childhood is complete without a scare, of course!

Lets see what Megan has to say....

First of all, a big thanks to Rola for having me on her blog today! This is my first guest post, so thanks Rola for trusting me with your blog!
My Scariest Childhood Tale:

Believe it or not, my scariest childhood tale didn’t come from a book. Instead, it was told to me by my older cousin, Jeff. And it wasn’t told to me in the dark of night in late October. Instead, it was woven in the bright July sunshine. But it still scared the heck of out me!
I think I was around 8 years old and my cousin was 14. He was staying with my family on the farm for a few weeks and was probably getting a little sick of being in the middle of nowhere. So one day he started telling me stories about the bogeyman. And it wasn’t just one simple story. Jeff did some serious world-building! He wove a tale of the nine evil bogeymen that ate children in the night and the single good bogeyman, who would bring you presents like Santa Clause. As if that wasn’t enough to scare a sheltered eight-year-old, he also told me that he was friends with the evil bogeymen and was going to send them to eat me in the night! This lasted for days and I even started carrying a “bogeyman stick” with me whenever I went out at night. Finally, my family got sick of me dragging this stick with me everywhere and forced him to tell me there weren’t really bogeymen after all.
But, since this is a book blog, I feel like I should include a scary childhood tale that came from books. And for that I need to turn to my trusty copy of “ Favorite Tales From Grimm and Anderson”. Growing up my most memorable story was “The Tinderbox” by Hans Christian Anderson. It has a witch and a dog with eyes as big as saucers and all kinds of creepy stuff!

Thanks again to Rola for having me on her blog for a guess post and be sure to let us know about your scariest childhood tales!

Thanks for stopping by, Megan! Seems like you've been carrying the ghouls with you since your tiny days ;)

What's YOUR favorite spooky childhood tale?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. AWWWW, that is so funny! Dude, my brother was such a troll. He told me that John A. MacDonald was a ghost prime minister and that he haunted different provinces each year. I proceeded to tell my friends and teachers.......

  2. Thanks for having me on the blog Rola!

    Leanne: That is hilarious! I love the idea of a ghost John A.!!

  3. LOL! Okay, a bogeyman stick?! That is TOO cute. I hope your cousin was told off for doing that to you, Megan!