Reviewing books is a hobby I have acquired in the little free time that I have and allows me to get my opinion out there for the purpose of discussion, information and most importantly: enjoyment! Reviews are essential to many readers, and therefore I always make sure my reviews are honest and informative, but spoiler free. I like painting an image to my readers so they always know what kind of novel they're getting themselves into!

My reviews will never be influenced through persuasion, money nor free books. All reviews are honest & unbiased.

Generally, I have a 100 page rule. If the book doesn't appeal to me by the time i reach page 100, I stop reading it. reasonable right?

Any authors that wish to request their novels for review can contact me through email at  [ xo.reads@live.ca ]

This novel wasn't for me- I did not enjoy it at all/ couldnt get through it
This novel wont be recommended
Wont re-read
Wont/Did not finish
Wont own

novel was OK enough for me to finish- but wasn't for me/didn't enjoy it.
Novel will probebly not be recommended
Wont re-read
Wont Own

This novel was pretty good- It was an enjoyable read.
 Novel might be recommended
Might re-read
probebly Own

This novel was GREAT - It was an excellent read.
Will recommend
Will most likely re-read
Will present in discussions
Will own

This novel was frickin' Amazing- It was a Phenomenal read.  
Will always recommend
WIll re-read
Will always present in discussions
Will ALWAYS own


  1. Hi Rolaa
    I love your blog and wonder if you would like to review my novel, ‘Losing Janice’?
    I have just launched it on Kindle and it’s free to download for a 5 days from Sunday 10th June.
    This is my first book, and although I’ve had a little success with short story competitions I’m really new to this and would love your honest opinion.
    Here’s my blurb
    This is a story about female friendship. It’s also about doubt and learning to be brave.
    Helen an impetuous teenager and high school outcast is on summer vacation. She lives in a seemingly idyllic rural town of Briggston. Her friends include Rhonda, a waitress who lives with her dope dealing brother and Dennis the dyslexic son of an accountant who has just started his own landscaping business. They are all mutual friends of Janice, who has disappeared.
    No one has heard from her for days, but it seems to Helen that she is the only one who feels that their friend is in trouble. The more she seeks the truth the more secrets Helen reveals. About her friends and about the hidden relationships that bind the town together.
    Kathy Lee

    1. Please email me with requests! thanks!