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If you will be sending me an email in order to request your novel for review, please remember that this will not affect nor sway my review/rating.

Kindly note that ebooks will not be reviewed as immediately as physical copy books, due to the fact that my tolerance for staring at the tiny screen of my iphone for hours is minimal (especially if its a PDF, as i then have to zoom into every single page to read it.. im sure you can imagine how annoying & inconveniant this gets). Also, combined with the extremely high number of requested ebook reviews I get.... well, not good. Therefore, there is no garuntee that your ebooks will be reviewed, unless I am truly interested in the synopsis & the author is unable to send a physical copy for a certain reason.

Interviews, Giveaway's, & Blog tours can also be schedualed by sending me an email.


Physical Copies: 1-2 weeks.

Ebooks: 3-6 weeks.

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