Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nights of Fright: My Top Blood-Suckers!

Hey everyone!
Keeping up with our beloved vamps, today I'll be discussing MY favorite vampires.
I haven't read too many Vampire books, but there are a couple that I adore and no other leeches can live up to. Here we go!

1. Vampires of the Night World Series, By L.J. Smith- But specifically....

Delos Redfern

The hotti totti himself! Delos is the unknown prince of the Dark Kingdom and completely bad-ass. He is powerful (what else could you expect from Hunter Redfern's great- great grandson?) & the second wildpower in the Nightworld Series.
Although he first comes off as selfish, unlike the other Wildpowers, he figured out his powers as a child, which caused his father to use him as a weapon rather than a son. poor baby :(
He hides his true nature, which is damaged and vulnerable, and attempts to be stronger person to overcome the tough times he has lived with his father. He hates humans and mixing with others... until he meets his human soul mate, Maggie, of course ;)

Jezebel Redfern

 Stubborn & hot-headed, Jez is the empowerment of women Vampires. She is the leader of the Night World group that hunts humans, but once she realizes that she's only half vampire & half human, she sets out on a journey of self-discovery and finding where she truly belongs. She is the first wildpower in the story and I just adore her!

2.  Simon Lewis, The Mortal Instruments

Simon is so cute! I'm not a Huge fan of the Mortal Instruments, but Simon is definitely my favorite character. He got turned into a vampire all because he wanted to protect Clary, and now he has to suffer with it for life. And Clary doesn't even love him back. Everything about him makes me want to cry. Poor Simon :(
Although, he makes a fine vampire and he's strong-willed. Although it was never in his nature to fight, he protected all of his friends and loved ones when he needed to, and wont hesitate to sacrifice all he has to protect all those he holds dear.

3. Adrian Ivashkov, Vampire Academy
One of the greatest Vampires in the Vampire Academy series. He handles Rose, even when she plays him, but still stays loyal and sacrifices everything for her. He's strong & a great con-man, but he also has a sweet and romantic side.
He doesn't hesitate to protect his loved ones, even the ones that have hurt him in the past!

4. Rose Hathaway, Vampire Academy
Kick-ass Female vampire chick that never backs down from a challange. I love her because she can kick any guy's ass, and isn't easily intimidated. She will put her life on the line for thos she cares about (much like Adrian), and always keeps her eyes on the prize. The only thing I don't like about her is her 'player-side' that comes to life when Dimitri leaves her. Poor adrian, I wanted to cry for him :(

Those are my top 4 blood suckers! Who are YOUR favorite vampires?

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