Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nights of Fright: [Guest Post] Blood Suckers

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming back for another Nights of Fright! Today will the be first of three days of Blood Suckers! Get ready to sink your fangs into everything vampire for the next three days.... beginning with an amazing GUEST POST today!
An amazing Edmonton Blogger, Tammy from Mad Musings of Masters Mind, decided to pop by the blog today and talk to you all about her favorite literary vampires. YIKES. This could be a long list...
Well Vampire Lady, Take it away! ;)

This was always something I wanted to do - to pick my top 10 favorite literary vampires and rank them from 1-10, so when I was asked to contribute as a guest, I was excited to do it.  Then I was horrified, which was almost immediately replaced with dismay. How on earth was I going to pick only 10 of them?  And rank them?? AHHHHH!  But I've pulled up my big girl pants and done it, afer humming and hawing and trying to measure my love for what is undeniably my absolute favorite paranormal creature. Just a bit of backround about me - I'm known in my neighbourhood as the 'Vampire Lady' - Everyone knows I love vampires: I've been fascinated with them since I was 6 years old and watched Vincent Price on The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.  I think I love the way they try to remain human (or run away from it - whatever the case may be), and because they must be removed from humanity, they have a clearer perspective on life.  I think it's fascinating how every author has their own 'myths' and 'rules'.  I can usually keep those rules straight, most of the time, and people come to me when they can't remember if vampires can handle silver on True Blood or if they have heartbeats in Anne Rice's world.  There are also different types of vampires - the traditional ones, the living ones, the ones who exist on life energy instead of blood.  I have some of each in my list.  So without further ado.... 

1. Edward Cullen - Twilight Saga - Stephenie Meyer (first book "Twilight")
He's the sparkling one himself and the epitomy of what an eternal lover should be- he's got it all, brooding good looks, devoted family, intelligence, and the fortune to back it all up, but he's also not conceited, and still makes human mistakes. Millions of fans can't be wrong!                   

2. Matthew Clairmont - All Souls Trilogy - Deborah Harkness (first book "A Discovery of Witches")
Not only is this 1500 year old French guy tall, dark and handsome, but he literally IS a knght in shining armor - and I'm sure he's owned at least one white horse in his very long lifespan!  And he will go out of his way to get what he wants, and protect his family- even if it hurts him. Gotta admire that kind of devotion.

3. Damon Salvatore - Vampire Diaries - LJ Smith(first book "Vampire Daries: The Awakening")
He may act like the know-it-all playboy with a fickle heart hell bent on revenge, but underneath it all, he's fiercly loyal and easily hurt, and will do anything for love. Even when things get weird and multiple trips to the Dark Dimension are in order. He has the best lines I've ever read...

4. Eric Northman - Sookie Stackhouse Books - Charlaine Harris (first book "Dead Until Dark")
Doesn't everyone want a 5000 year old blonde haired, blue eyed Viking God vying   for your attentions?  I think his confident,  single-minded approach to courting is one of the most lovable things about him (and he can send out one of his famous Fangtasia calendars to me anytime). He just amuses me to no end, but we know that underneath all that bravado is one giant teddy bear.

5. Zsadist - Black Dagger Brotherhood - JR Ward + rest of the Brothers at the BDB (First Book "Dark Lover" but Zsadists's book is #3 "Lover Awakened")
It's so easy just to group all the Black Dagger Brothers together in one lump sum, because they are all fantastic, but if I have to pick one, it would be Zsadist.  He's the one who's probably been scarred the most, but his story of redemption and finding himself through the eyes of his lady, Bella, is one of the most heartwrenching stories of all these guys. It's a classic case of  healing and self forgiveness. Oh, yes - these       books were also my first foray into the romance section of the bookstore (they are rated R ), but the story is so much more than that.  It also doesn't hurt that the Brothers really know how to show a lady a good time in their own unique ways!!

6. Lestat DeLioncourt - Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice (first book "Interview With A Vampire ")
The Brat Prince needs no introduction - he irrascible and mischeivious, and    ambitious.  He does things his own way, come hell or high water or bright desert sun. He stirs things up then demands you take notice.  At the same time he is searchin for inner peace and the truth about his existance, on his own terms.  He is the reason   for the popularity boom in vampires today (well, more like Anne Rice is the reason).

7. Dimitri Belikov and Rose Hathaway and Adrian Ivashkov - "Vampire Academy" - Richelle Mead ( and also "Bloodlines") 
What a tangled love triangle these 3 make!  Rose, the headstrong girl with mad skills   and unflinching loyalty. Dimitri, the duster wearing, western reading(yes, he loves to read! sigh) god of his profession. And Adrian, the suave playboy man of your dreams with the great one-liners. I just keep switching who I like best, depending which book I'm reading - Vampire Academy or Bloodlines.  And NO I'm not cheating here by placing these 3 together, really I'm not! ;)

8. Georgina Kincaid- Georgia Kincaide series - Richelle Mead (first book "Succubus Blues")
Georgina is different than everyone else on this list being as she's a succubus and not a typical vampire.  She shapeshifts, and she will steal years off your life.  She's got a contract with hell - but just because she's one of the best at her 'job' doesn't mean that she likes it. She is like the best friend everyone wants to have - she even manages a bookstore!  

9. Vlad Dracul - "Dracula" - Bram Stoker
The original 'romantic' vampire, and one of the best.  Bram Stoker set the bar with his tale of the real life Vlad the Impaler, and vampire lore has never looked back since. He is truly a classic.

10. Simon Lewis - Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare (first book "City of Bones")
He is a teenage, Jewish, daylighter, and a reluctant vampire, and he's a manga loving    best friend who loves video gaming.  He's just so different and 'human' in so many ways,  I always want to read more about him.

Honorable mentions:

11. Zoey Redbird and Stark - House of Night - PC Cast and Kristin Cast (first book "Marked")
Although they are closer to wiccans than they are to vampires, I find the combination quite intriguing. These two together are simply magic...

12. David - "Lost Boys" - Craig Shaw Gardner
Yes, he counts, even if this is a case of the book being written after the movie came out.... The Lost Boys, and David in particular, were my 'Twilight' when I was a teenager.... Yes, I know I'm dating myself......

Vampires I haven't met yet, but want to:

Morganville Vampires - Rachel Caine (first book "Glass Houses")

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter - Laurell K. Hamilton (first book "Guilty Pleasures")

Night Huntress Books - Jeannine Frost (first book "Halfway To the Grave")- I've read the first 2 in this series, so I've met Cat and Bones, but would like to know more about them

Who are your favorite vamps?

What a list! Mine doesn't even come close to touching that... you're a vampire lady indeed!
I'll talk about all my favorite blood suckers tomorrow, so go ahead and let Tammy know who YOUR favorite Vampires are!


  1. Great list!! Well written and I couldn't agree more - I'd probably switch position #3 to #1 !!! With Eddy in a close #2!!!

    1. Hey - Thursday nights my #3 is #1 too :) LOL