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Nights of Fright: Paranormal Book Boyfriend (Guest Post!)

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming back for another Nights of Fright here on xo'reads!
As avid readers, every girl has had a book boyfriend. Well, at least I have. I can't count how many times I have cursed the female characters for being so darn lucky with their men. Hmph, real life sucks.

Daemon Black. Hello baby, mama's here! 

Ever since I read Obsidian, Daemon has been my book boyfriend. He's a hot alien, with a cocky personality and a killer smile. But he's smart, caring & overly protective. Also a complete bad ass. Just my kind of dude ;) 

I adore how he attempts to act care free about those he loves, but his emotions always prevail in the end.
I mean, What's hotter than a man who can kill creepy shadow aliens and blow up bitches WHILE he goes out of his way to prove that he loves you when you doubt him? Best of both worlds ladies, Bad ass meets romantic ;)
For all you Daemon fans out there he's already taken by moi, so please see yourself to another fantasy male creature.

And now since I've discussed my Book Boyfriend, I have Ambur from Burning Impossibly Bright here today to talk to you about all the attractive Fictional Men in her world, which are sure to leave you swooning!
Well, I think I SHOULD call Ambur's part in this Book BoyfriendS but....Take it away, Ambur! ;)
(You player, you.)

Well, it’s October! And that means it’s time for Halloween, and our favourite spooky books…or spooky dudes. ;) In honour of Rola’s awesome Halloween event, Nights of Fright, I’m going to tell you all about some of my paranormal book boyfriends…that’s right, I’m not just going to talk about one. :P
I figured I’d stick to some specific paranormal species and then go for the ones that aren't so easy to categorize.

Paranormals #1 - Vampires: 

Hello Brother.

My vampire pick is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith…and more importantly, from the TV show on the CW. ;D I absolutely adored Damon in the books from the series that I’ve read (I’ve read up to the 6th), and I loved him even more once I started watching the show. He’s such a dark and tormented character! And while he’s dark and completely evil at times….he has a soft, human side that he doesn’t typically show. In the book, Elena’s the only one who really ever sees that side of him, and Bonnie does too (book Bonnie is pretty different from show Bonnie…just so you know :P haha), and Elena tends to bring out a better side of him. In the show, I think Damon is just as complex. You see him in the past, and can tell that he was an amazing guy, and even when he and Stefan first were turned…he was still amazing! I love how he goes from being totally evil to being caring towards Elena and her friends. Also, the smirk and gorgeous eyes totally help…so does the body. *sigh* Thank goodness I got finally got my TVD fix, I seriously missed Damon! ;D

Paranormals #2 - Werewolves: 

My main werewolf dude is Clayton Danvers (a.k.a. Clay) from The Women of the Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong.  Described as a psychopath by his own love interest, Clay’s a pretty complex guy. He’s almost more werewolf than man, and he’s the kind of guy you seriously don’t want to mess with…tough, and brutal when he needs to be. Oh, but don’t you worry darlin’ (*dreamy sigh*), once you meet Clay, you won’t soon forget him. He’s so…so…so…sexy! Seriously, once you meet Clay, you’ll be hooked from the first time he says “darlin’.” He may have some flaws, or rather, interesting quirks, but he has an amazing heart, and is one of the most loyal characters I’ve ever had the chance to read…also, he and Elena are so awesome together…I love them! :D
Other special mentions: Sean and Ethan Holloway from The Holloway Pack Series by J.A. Belfield – I’ve gotten so into this series, and I absolutely love J.A. Belfield’s characters and the way she has done her werewolves. Sean is the main male character in the first few books of the series, but soon his brother, Ethan, will get his own book, too! I can’t wait! These two are some of the sexiest werewolves out there…and ladies, Ethan’s still single. ;)

Paranormals #3 – Fey: 

My favourite fey is most definitely Ash from The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa. That Ice Boy gets me every time. He says the most romantic things, and is so, so dreamy. Plus, he’s also got a bad boy side, especially in the first two books, which I’ll admit…I find attractive! Haha It’s even more attractive once you get to know him and see he’s not as bad as he pretends to be…the boy may be the Unseelie Prince and has the power to freeze people with his glamour…but his heart is definitely not made of ice. I honestly can’t even think of Ash without wanting to swoon or sigh…he has defined the whole swooning moment in books for me. Love him!
So…those are the main three paranormals that I’m going to mention, but I’ve got a few other guys I’d like to talk about, too.


Draco Malfoy. I’ll admit when I read the Harry Potter Series I wasn’t a huge Draco fan, but I went through a pretty heavy fanfiction phase (and I still read it, just not as much), and through it I totally fell for him. I fell hard! Draco is tormented…and boy can he be bad, but he’s the kind of character that has been through so much. You may not like him, but I know even before fanfic, I always sympathized with Draco when he would show his vulnerability or his remorse…and in fanfiction people explore that! I also like it when he’s paired with Hermione. In fanfic it’s referred to as Dramione…teehee. I’m sure you’re all shaking your heads or are flabbergasted with disgust…but seriously, it’s hot. Hermione, the perfect and smart one from the golden trio…and Draco, the tormented and dark son of a Death Eater, who got into some pretty heavy stuff himself…they honestly fit so well together. She could help him get over his past and become a better person. I never was a big Ron and Hermione fan, so Dramione works for me. He’d challenge her, and I think that intellectually, they make a great fit, too. Plus, there is so serious sexual tension going on between them, on Draco’s side for sure, and if he’d been nicer to Hermione…I’m sure she’d feel it, too. :P

Jace. I’m not even going to give him a last name because that just complicates things, but I’m a huge Jace fan…love love love him! If I’m honest, I’m still not totally on board with the movie, but I will absolutely always love book Jace. Not only is he the hottest guy in YA (and yes, he’s won an award for it…so it must be true), but he’s also so much more. He’s witty and sarcastic, and hilarious…at least I think he is. His lines always make me laugh the most. :D I also love that he has a sensitive side, one that he only really shows to Clary. It’s hard to resist a guy that can be so tough and guarded with other people, but let’s down his guard around you (and you totally want to be Clary when you read these parts…I know I’m not alone in that :P). He’s caring, romantic, protective…and sexy. Yes, I have to say that, too. He is so sexy! I’m going to stop there though because I’ll just keep going on and on…and this guest post is getting long enough already. :P

My last mention is Jon Snow from the A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin. Technically, I’m cheating with this one. Jon’s in a fantasy book, and is as far as I know…human, but there are some paranormal stuff in his world, like dragons, the green folk, giants…and technically paranormal refers to just things that are impossible to explain scientifically…and since it’s fantasy, he’s staying. :P haha Anyway, Jon Snow is a character that I kind of fell for from the TV show first. A Game of Thrones totally sucked me in, and oh boy, so did Jon! Somehow, I think the fact that he’s a sworn brother of the Black makes him even more attractive…it’s like he’s forbidden! (They’re not supposed to marry, have sex, or children…see, forbidden. ;D) His chapters are also some of my favourites in the books…and sadly, they’re usually the shortest. :P He’s a pretty straightforward guy. He’s brave, honest, and extremely honourable. He’s a lot like Eddard Stark (the dude Sean Bean plays in case you were wondering :P) in that way, and I always loved that. :D It also doesn’t hurt that the actor who plays Jon is almost pretty hot…I’m apparently a sucker for a pretty face. :P
So, I’ve given you all a few new guys to think about I’m sure, and hopefully I’ve brought up at least one that you’re familiar with. If not, I’d love to know…who’s your paranormal book boyfriend? And if you have more than one (like I clearly do), feel free to share them all. :D

Thanks for having me, Rola! It’s been great blabbering on about my book boyfriends…and Jon Snow, I’m just totally smitten with Jon Snow. :P

Thanks for popping by, Ambur! I'm glad we got to see all of your Book BoyfriendS... especially Jon Snow. Because you're totally smitten with Jon Snow ;)

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Me & Ambur want to know: who's YOUR book boyfriend?


  1. Ahahaha! Ambur, we're going to have to share Jon Snow! Whenever I watch the show or read, I'm also hoping the next scene will have Jon in it!

    Also, I love me some Dramione! I mean really, Hermione can do some much better than Ron Weasley! I kind of nerded out when you mentioned Dramione! Yay!

    1. Awe, OK...I'll share Megan. :D I know, he's the best! :D

      Yay!!!! I love meeting other Dramione fans! She really could! Ron is like the perfect example of an underachiever...and I just never thought that fit with Hermione. He's way too much of a slacker for her. :P Draco would totally keep her on her toes. :P lol

  2. Haha I really am just smitten with Jon Snow. ;) haha Thanks again for having me, Rola! :D

    And I must say, Daemon's pretty hot...I won't try and steal from you though, as you can see my book boyfriendS keep me on my toes. ;) haha

  3. I'd have to agree with all those boyfriend with the exception of Draco..... LOL

    1. I'll respect your dislike of Draco...but I still totally love him. ;) haha

  4. FUN posts, girls!! Ambur, I LOVE that you chose Fanfiction Draco as one of your book boyfriends. I have to agree :) He was one of my favourites from my fanfiction reading days, as well. Though I was always more into Draco/Ginny than Draco/Hermione.

    1. Thanks, Aylee! :D Fanfiction Draco is the best!!! I never really liked Draco/Ginny...mostly because I was never a big Ginny fan. haha But I can understand the appeal. ;)