Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Holiday Bookish Tip #1: What to buy a book lover

Funny thing, when someone hears the word 'book lover', they would think 'Hey! I ought to just buy them some books'! Which isn't wrong , books are always a safe gift, but I can honestly say that any book hoarder  like myself has a ever-so-growing mountain of TBR books, and the chances of them getting to enjoy your gift  ASAP is probably non-existent. We'll read them eventually... just not right now.

So if you've started to panic and think "Oh no, What can I buy my Book-Lover now?!" , Here's a few Ideas that you can never go wrong with and can be enjoyed right away!

1) Memorable Bookshelf 
What Book lover wouldn't want one of these in their Room or Home?!


Inexpensive to make if you're handy with some wood and nails. They can also be bought online from Ebay & Amazon, as well as some furniture stored! Talk about a gift that lasts!

2) If your Book Lover is a drinker, you can't go wrong with....

Hah! You would forever be the apple of their eye.
(55$ from Etsy )

3) Bookish Mugs!

Really, who wouldn't love their morning coffee in one of those?

4) Geeky T-Shirts!

5) Book Ends:


This is also available in other styles, such as...

Olivia Owl Bookends
6) Literary Jewelry!

Woven Words Bangle - Christina Rossetti John Steinbeck Typewriter Earrings Macbeth Bracelet

7) Collecters Copy of Their Favorite Book!

Find out what their favorite book is, and get them a special edition. Be it Signed, A collectors, an older print, whatever! They'll appreciate it and treasure it all the same.


8) Gift Card

Whether they Shop in store or Online, a gift card will always be the perfect gift. There will always (ALWAYS) be a book that they 'need' no matter how many books they on the TBR pile. A gift card will definitely get the job done!

9) The greatest bookmark ever

I received a special engraved book mark from my best friend for my birthday last year, and I'll tell you, it's a special gift that lasts!

10) Modern life meets literature

You could never go wrong with mixing modern and classic. The book charger is SO cool, and an ereader for your virtually glued friend would be perfect!
Yellow Pride & Prejudice Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod 
Pride & Prejudice Iphone Charger ( from BookLovers Gifts )

Yay for bookish things!!!
Did I miss something? Let me know!



  1. The bookshelves are soooo pretty!! Nice post, Rola. (:

  2. Those bookshelves are so pretty! New follower via Twitter

  3. Ah, totally lusting after all of these items! I actually really just want that Pride and Prejudice coffee mug... it's so cute!


  4. Great picks Rola. I am totally in love with all of those bookshelves. Maybe one day...

  5. I asked for some regular bookshelves for Christmas this year :P But one of the crazy ones would be pretty neat! haha

    I love the tshirts and mugs though. :D And I totally want the Insurgent Collectors edition :D

    Awesome list, Rola! :D Hope you get some of these for gifts. ;)

  6. Haha, I need that awesome bookshelf!! :D This list is awesome!! :D

  7. Great post! I LOVE the phone charger (even if I don't have an iphone!)