Friday, 30 November 2012

Welcome Back, ME!

Hello Pretty People!

I am terribly sorry for disappearing like that for two weeks. I have missed my blog [and the readers] dearly! *Hugs blog*, I've been doing a little catch up in school, and with the diploma exams quickly approaching in two months, I wont be able to post as often. I'm sure students can relate, but I'll be trying my best to keep the blog up-to-date!

What's New?

Hmmmm, What has been going on these past two weeks? Well. I bought a couple books, [see stacking the shelves tomorrow], and Finished reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ! Darn, it was so good. had to go out and buy the next two in the series! I'm currently reading Days of Blood & Starlight, but at a super slow pace because math has been on my butt lately.
I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 as well, and HOLY COW! It was AMAZING. A perfect ending, in my opinion. And my I also say that my Jacob was also very babe like? ;)

Lets Just All Take A Moment.

There were also some great new characters introduced, and it makes me sad to think that the journey is all over.
Like how beautiful is this?

I think we can all agree that twilight should not be over. I'm pretty sure I had a dream where my husband looked something like Garret.

and can we all agree that Emmett is ADORABLE?

Cullen Coven - Emmett

Okay I think my twilight rant is over.
Other than that, I did an early admission into the University of Alberta and got in (unless my marks drop by the end of the year... which they wont. I hope) Which is pretty exciting. But that's about it!

What have you all been up two these past 2 weeks?



  1. Welcome back! Seems a lot of bloggers took a well-needed break this past month, so don't feel bad :) We're only human after all! Congrats on the early acceptance!! And good luck with all your exams. See you in January! :)

  2. First...congratulations on your early admission to the U of A! :D I hope to see you around next year! ;D

    Second...yes, I wholeheartedly agree that Emmett is adorable! I love me some Emmett! :D And I liked Garrett, too...but I'm an Edward fan myself. I will admit Jacob looked good, but Edward looked even better. I've always loved Edward, but never really thought they made RPattz look all that attractive as him in the movies...until this one! In this one, he was hot! :D Must have been the sex....finally made him loosen up a bit. ;)

    Anyway, don't feel too bad about not being able to post. I haven't been able to post much lately either. Sometimes school gets in the way unfortunately! :P Good luck on your diplomas, but I'm sure I'll talk to you between now and then. ;)