Friday, 16 November 2012

Beautiful Creatures Movie Thoughts & Trailer #2

On Thursday, November 15 at 7:30 they released the Beautiful Creatures Trailer #2. My break at work was at 7:45.... I ran.
After I watched it... I was too stunned for words. It was magical, spell binding, dark, mysterious.... oh god help us all. It was PHENOMENAL.
Although I've been criticizing the cast since they started filming, I think I'm starting to accept them. I'm still against Alice Englert as Lena, but I'll live. Books and Movies will most likely never be the same, which is something I've now learned. ALTHOUGH I will say that it wouldn't have taken too much effort to dye Englert's hair black and curl it... and possibly dress her in all black? and Some green contacts wouldn't have hurt?
And Seriously, Rossum's hair should be blonde with the pink streak! It's the minor things that they've missed (which have pissed me off the most), BUT EVEN SO, I got the goosebumps watching the trailer all over again. I think I've watched it over 50 times since last night.
I don't even know what I'm writing because it was so good and I'm still in such shock!
I don't think anyone could understand my excitement until their favorite book EVER is made into a movie. It's all those surfacing feelings that just overwhelm you.
The entire series is like my baby, and I've probably gotten a dozen of my friends to read them. Talk about peer pressure? So naturally I'm excited to see it all on the big screen!
But a little part of me is upset that they made it into a movie, because now... It becomes mainstream. Is it rude that I don't want to share my favorite book with the world? I'm getting the sick feeling that it's going to be like the Hunger Games all over again: The book fans went insane, everyone else wanted to join in the excitement so they went out and read the book, then went crazy for the movie.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It's my special book. For instance, Now when I say "My Favorite Book Is Beautiful Creatures" people are like "WHATS THAT?!" and we can have an entire conversation of me explaining the plot and how amazing the characters are. But from now on... I won't be able to do that anymore because everyone will know what it is.
I mean, how do tell the long time fans apart from the 'hey-it's-popular-i'm-jumping-aboard' ones? Other than word of mouth, you wouldn't be able to tell. Which is slightly depressing when you've considered yourself so original all this time. hmph.

*sigh* Even so, I can't help but be ecstatic for the movie, and even more so to the amazing authors, Margie & Kami.

For anyone who hasn't seen the trailer.....

I know, I know... You've just died and been reborn. I feel ya pretty people, I feel ya.


  1. Supernatural is my baby. I get extremely defensive when people bash the newer seasons and I ask when they started the series and they say oh Season 3/4/5 etc. I just wanna smack em and be like "well I started when it first aired so you shut your mouth because its still amazing" But I don't I shut my mouth.

    We can start a support group lol.

  2. It's totally always the small things that bug me about book-to-movie adaptations, too, Rola! :D While I love the Harry Potter movies (most anyway...don't get me started on #4 :P), it always bothered me that they never made Harry's eyes green. Especially since throughout the books they constantly would comment on his green eyes and how they matched his mothers...and I swear that's something they mess up in almost every book-to-move adaptation...the eyes. :P lol

    I do think that this trailer totally looks awesome though. :) Hopefully it'll turn out pretty well once you watch the whole thing. ;) I don't mind sharing my favourite stuff with others, but I do agree, the hype can sometimes make you like something less. For me the thing that I hate about the hype is the fact that hype always brings the haters. With Twilight, you always have those people who bitch about how crappy the books and point out every mistake...even though the majority of them have never even read it. That just bugs me. People who hate on stuff with absolutely no actual support to back them up. Yes, they could be right about some stuff, but just regurgitating crap that people who have read the books tell you is pathetic...and it bothers me. *humpf*

    Anyway. I'm looking forward to this one, and I'm hoping to get to the rest of the books over my break. :)