Wednesday, 20 June 2012

NOTICE ! (good news !)

Hey everyone !
okay so i want to deeply apologize to everyone. I know how unactive my blog has been lately... my exams have been killing me for the past month :s
HOWEVER, i do have some good news for you all.
This tuesday ( the 26th ) will be my last exam (thank god) , & i will be able to get back on here and entertain ! *yay* :D
i have TONS of reviews for you guys. mostly of books ive been reading late at night after a day filled with exam prep & writting. I will be finishing off the reviews for the mortal instruments series, as well as the Iron Fey  series! ugh man, theyre just so awesome! cant wait to share my thoughhts with you guys ! :)

another note ... (and a rather exciting one), I have been recieving emails non-stop from authors that want reviews/interviews/giveaways done for them, which has gotten me super excited! and to think i only started blogging a month or two ago, i have truly gotten far!

so here's the schedual for what will be happening so far in the next month!

BLOG TOUR: "No Good Deed" By Bill Blais. Review, interview & GIVEAWAY.

"Ugly To start with" By John Cummings. Review

"Xor: The shape of darkness" By Moshe Sipper. Review, (Interview/giveaway TBA)

" The Altercation of Vira" By Kenechi Udogu. Review

"Broken City" & "The Promise" By D.D Chant. Review

along with finishing the Iron fey , Curse workers, under the never sky & a few others i have picked up...i am making this CRAZY assumption that i'm going to be busy for the next month hehe :p

Happy reading everyone!

xoxo' Rola

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