Monday, 28 May 2012

Notice !

Hey everyone!
Happy end of may- beginning of june to you all!
As you must know, this time of the year is extremely busy for us students.
Yes, the moment we all dread... Exam month.
It is for this reason that I am posting this; as you must have noticed I have been in-active for a couple weeks (sorry!) due to studying and such, an I'm afraid that I will continue to be in-active for the next couple weeks- until the end of June. I will still post a couple of book review when
I can and the angel craze contest will still be running as usual, I just won't be on all the updating the blog like before.
Sorry everyone & Good luck to all the other students out there studying for their exams !

xoxo rola

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  1. its cool! Study, Study!!!! :) Lol! Im so glad im done with finals and exams! :D