Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Special Feature: Beautiful Creatures Teaser Trailer & Stills

 I have an AWESOME Special Feature for you guys today! The much anticipated BeautifulCreatures MOVIE has just released a teaser trailer for us to swoon over & enjoy *eek!*
And some amazing stills as well. I had goosebumps the WHOLE TIME while watching the trailer, despite the fact that the cast looks NOTHING like the characters.
My Issues:
Where are Lena's black curly hair & green eyes?
Why doesn't Ethan have hair that falls into his eyes?
WHY is Lena dressed in FLORAL & beige? She wears all black.
Why is Ridley's hair red, and not Blonde with a pink streak?
I'm pretty sure Lena writes the number of days until her claiming on the Palm of her a sharpie.
Despite all that.... The trailer still gave me goosebumps.
                  Ethan & Ridley                                                Macon, Lena & Ethan
                     Ethan & Lena                                                  Ridley
 Yes, I see huge issues...But it's still exciting! Since BC is my favorite book ever, I'll have to have faith in the cast.....
How do you guys feel about the Cast?
Your Thoughts on the Trailer & Stills?
Comment & Let me know :D
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  1. The dress Ridley is wearing is gorgeous! God the trailer looks much better than the book.

  2. OOHHH CHILLS!! This is so exciting. But yeah... it really annoys me when they change character appearances for no particular reason. I mean, how hard would it have bee really to be loyal to the book in this case? BUT I always have to keep in mind that the acting is the most important thing even if they get the appearances wrong. I am often disappointed in casting choices initially and then I come around when I see the actor doing their thang!

  3. The more I think back on this trailer...the more I'm starting to love it! ;D I'm gonna have to finish BC before I make any final judgments, but I'm coming around to the movie. :)

    I do love how they're trying to make it all fit into a certain style. Old-fashioned clothing, outdated all has a very creepy, yet beautifully eerie aesthetic! :D

    I absolutely love Ridley's dress, beautiful...and pretty promiscuous looking too, very fitting for what she is. ;)
    I think with Lena's hair, brown hair will curls is a change I can understand. Most people with a fair complexion who have black hair dye it...and if their hair is's usually more of a dark brown, so I can understand that. As for Ethan's idea! One thing I do notice is that they've gotten rid of Marian's character...she isn't even on the character list on IMDB, and from the teaser, it seems like Amma's taken on her role a bit...or maybe I'm wrong. :P

    The sharpie detail doesn't bother fact, the script seems pretty cool, especially since I'm sure they'll use it as a way for her to use some of Caster abilities! :D

    Like I said...I'm actually getting really excited for this one. :)